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With over 30 years of Motorsport and continued performance enhancing experience the team at Port Adelaide Auto Repairs can improve the performance of your vehicle. We have experience with aftermarket control systems like Haltech, Nistune, Autronic, apexi, HP Tuners and other top range performance increase products. Dyno tuning, smart turbo charging, rechipping and power chip replacement, exhaust improvements,extractors, headers and adjustable cam gears are amongst the services we can provide.

Many performance components on the market today boast huge horsepower and torque gains. While individually some of those claims may be realistic, knowing what combinations of parts to use is essential in getting the most from your performance dollars.

Our proven expertise in the performance arena translates into fuel savings and added performance in the family car. With the high cost of fuel, time spent on our chassis dyno will make sure that every dollar spent on fuel goes as far as possible.

Using our Mainline Chassis Dyno which is capable of steady state tuning of 600rwkw, we can repeatedly graph horsepower and torque increases and fine tune those combinations to get the most from the parts being installed. If you want to go further with a performance enhancing chip replacement, a turbo, a supercharger, an exhaust or extractor enhancement, we have the equipment and the know how to get the best possible performance from your engine.

At Port Adelaide Auto Repairswe can also diagnose and repair your performance vehicle, we use an Electrajet diagnostic computer and a variety of scan tools to check and reset ECU code operations. A Pico scope also ensures that we get the best results possible. Our experience has come from building and competing in our own race cars and race preparing client vehicles, we only use the same parts that we recommend to our customers.

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